'The 2018 Instagram trends YOUR brand should know about - Part 1'

Times change and I am HERE for it

Instagram - oh, how times have changed. From a humble, mobile photo-sharing app to a multi- million dollar generating, ubiquitous social network, Instagram has taken over. Many lives. Probably yours, too. How else would we stalk our ex-boyfriend’s cousin’s step-sister and what she wore to her graduation?

Why has Instagram amounted to such success? Ultimately, it comes down to one thing and one thing only: Instagram has power over us. And they know how to use it.
The app and its functions impact and influence everyday users in every possible way, allow for sharing (and showing off) and supply instant entertainment AND information. Who would not want to be part of that?!

In short, Instagram basically satisfies an ongoing and advanced state of 21st-century FOMO. It let’s you be part of what is happening. Easy as that!

Therefore, Instagram and its power to impact people on a daily basis have grown to be an indispensable business tool for many, especially smaller, companies. Raising awareness and promoting your products to a wider, more global audience is now possible. A much better way to generate and push sales than hoping someone will eventually stumble across your website for holistic skincare products and ACTUALLY buy something.

Please do. HOLLA.

Please do. HOLLA.

And now that we know Instagram is important, we need to look towards how we can make some actual DOLLA from it. If you are a business or brand that is. Trends are coming in thick and fast and we need to make sure we are supplying our audience or future audience with content they actually want to see.

Look no further, I have rounded up the most important trends for 2018 for you here.

Following a trend is more than about riding the wave of popularity and having good timing. Following a trend is a signal boost, making your brand relevant and visible. Done well, you can harness a trend to create real results for your business or brand.
— Canva
Louise Rumball